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The AoD economy revolves around the concept of IC (Industrial Capacity), requiring resources. IC and resource values are modified by infrastructure, technology, ministers, dissent and peacetime. IC are then transformed into money, production, supply, reinforcements, upgrades and province repairs. Money is further allocated to various fields.

IC & Resources


The game shows three values for IC. The theoretical base IC are just the factories (#Factories).

The base IC (displayed in province info panel) are calculated with the following formula (in national provinces):

base IC = #Factories * (1 + (#Factories / 100)) * (0.7 + (Infravalue * 3/10))

eg UK36 Ranchi (west of calcutta)
#Factories = 3
Infravalue = 80
base IC = 3 * 1.03 * 0.94 = 2.90

These base IC are then further modified by technology, ministers, dissent and peacetime to calculate the total IC (displayed in upper right corner). These total IC are the ones actually using resources and being tranformed into other goods.


There are two resource values. The theoretical resources are just the unmodified ones in that province (#Resources).

The resources displayed in the province info panel are already adjusted with all modifiers (like the total IC), not just the infrastructure modifier (like the base IC displayed in the info panel). These are the ones used by the total IC for production/consumption.

Resources = #Resources * (1 + (#Factories / 100)) * (0.7 + (Infravalue * 3/10)) * (1 + TechEffect) * (1 + PeacetimeEffect)

eg UK36 Ranchi Energy
#Energy = 21
#Factories = 3
Infravalue = 80
TechEffect = 5%
PeacetimeEffect = -50%
Energy = 21 * 1.03 * 0.94 * 1.05 * 0.5 = 10.67

IC & Resource Calculator Utility

To calculate the effects of factory and infrastructure building on base IC and resource output, the following xlsx file can be used. The modifiers are added as well.
Utilities#Province IC, Infra & Resource Calculator

IC and Resource Modifiers


Infrastructure can range from 0 to 200. It is a province improvement and thus can be build by a nation (in steps of 10). It is a modifier for IC, resources and ESE (effective supply efficiency).


By advancing technologically a positive tech effect increases total IC and resource production.


Certain ministers have a trait affecting total IC, foreign IC or just colonial IC.


Dissent lowers the IC and resource production.


Some Nations have a peacetime modifier, which affects total IC and resources negatively.

IC Allocation

The total IC (if supplied with resources) can be allocated towards consumer gooods (money production), production (of units and buildings/province improvements), supplies, reinforcements, upgrades and province repairs.

Money Allocation

Money is gained by producing consumer goods (see above), by trade or by conquering an enemy stockpile. In AoD, an additional new way of making money is unspent manpower. This represents potential (undrafted) soldiers being active in the civilian economy, which in turn can be taxed. For a country like Nationalist China, this can be a major source of income. Money can be allocated towards military salaries, research, aso. It is also used in every trade deal and can make up one side of a trade deal entirely.