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Cheats are activated in the console using the F12 (above the backspace and enter keys).
The following is a list of the codes the writer is aware of.
Basically the same commands exist as in HoI2, but their functionality must be verified before putting them in this article.

  • nofog - Removes all the Fog Of War (FOW). Good for hands-off games. It also allow you to se how large the armies of any nation in the statistics
  • viewtech - shows the research of other nations in the province-info screen.
  • debugai - shows the current ai file by the selected country and its current economic setup.
  • handsoff - events that would normally pause the game will no longer do so. This cheat is useful when playing as a small country to run AI vs AI testgames.
  • showid - shows the id of the province currently highlighted by the mouse in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • fullcontrol - toggles full control of all armies, allowing the player to control other countries' armies.
  • acceptall - makes the AI accept all suggestions, even those from either AI countries. Issue command again to turn off.
  • freedom - allows you to move your domestic policy sliders freely within the bounds set by the first two sliders.
  • teleport [province id] - teleports a selected unit to the specified province.
  • revolt [province id] - Start a revolt in that province
  • event [ID] - Triggers the event corresponding to the event ID for your selected country. add [Country ID] to choose a specific nation.
  • metal - adds 5000 metal to your resources stockpile.
  • energy - 5000 energy
  • rares - adds 5000 rare materials
  • oil - adds 5000 oil to your stockpile
  • money - adds 500 money
  • nuke [Country ID] - adds one nuke to the country specified. If no country is chosen, the player nation will receive it.
  • manpower - Adds a quantity(5000?) of manpower to the pool.
  • alienattack [province id] - Start an alien invasion from that province. Note that the aliens attack everyone and spawn infinite numbers of rapidly improving units. They will also nuke everything in sight. Good challenge for you if you have conquered the world.

Events can have either positive or negative effects or both.
This is a list of events with clearly positive events to be entered using the event command as described above.

  • 1011 Get a random blueprint from a random non-ally.
  • 1012 Get a blueprint for a technology your are currently researching.
  • 1019 One randomly chosen of your active research teams get research skill +1.
  • 1009 Dissent changes by -3%.
  • 1003 100 free manpower.